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Feeding America – A National Non-Profit Organization

There is an organization called “Feeding America” that is a national non-profit organization which has been feeding people in America since 1985. The goal of this organization is to provide food and nutrition to families and individuals who need it. This organization is based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Feeding America Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 charitable organization. It is a tax-exempt non-profit organization and it does not have any ties with the Feeding America organization. The Feeding America Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help increase the amount of food distributed by the Feeding America organization. This organization is based in Washington DC.

Feeding America was founded in 1985 by three people who were concerned about the fact that millions of Americans were hungry. These three people felt that the government should be doing more to help those who were hungry. They formed a group of people to help raise money for the poor.

Feeding America is now the largest hunger relief organization in America. They distribute food to people all over the country. They do this by having volunteers go out into the community and find people who are hungry. These volunteers then take these people to a local warehouse where they can pick out the food that they want.

The Feeding American Foundation is a separate organization that helps raise money for the Feeding America organization. They do this by holding fundraising events. These events usually involve people coming together and donating money to the cause. Some of these events are held at movie theaters, restaurants, or other venues. These events are usually very well attended because of the great cause that is being promoted.

These organizations are doing a wonderful job in helping to feed people in America. They are also doing a great job of helping people understand the importance of feeding those who are starving. It is important that everyone takes the time to learn more about these organizations and what they do.