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Donate Money to Help Haiti

The earthquake that struck Haiti has left a huge devastation in the country. The death toll is yet to be counted, but it is believed that thousands of lives have been lost. The number of injured people is also expected to increase. The situation in the hospitals is critical as most of the buildings were destroyed and there are no facilities available for treatment. It is not possible to count the number of children who died in the quake, as they are buried under the rubble. There are many other problems which have been caused by the earthquake. The government and relief agencies are trying their best to cope up with the situation.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most of the people live below poverty line and they cannot afford to buy food. Many of them are forced to work in the farms to earn money. These people are dependent on the rain for agriculture. In case of a drought, they face severe problems. It is reported that Haiti was hit by a hurricane last year. This made the people even more vulnerable to the earthquake. The earthquake has caused great damage to the infrastructure. Most of the roads have been damaged and communication systems are down.

There are many NGOs working in Haiti to help the people. The government of Haiti has declared the entire country a disaster area. All the people living in the affected areas have been asked to evacuate their homes. They are being provided shelter in schools, churches and other public places. Many of the schools have been turned into shelters for the people. Many of the roads leading to the affected areas are blocked and the local authorities have not been able to clear the debris. The situation is very bad and the people need immediate help.

It is important to donate money to Haiti. You can make a donation online or you can send your donation through a bank. Donating money is easy and it will help the victims in the shortest time possible.

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